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2018 - LeMay Papers - Electromagnetic Defense Task Force

2018 - LaMay Papers - Introduction to Electromagnetic Defense Task Force



The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is a broad area of activity characterized by physically observable activities such as visible light and lasers and unobservable phenomena such as microwaves and electromagnetic energy. EMS manifests through various frequencies and  wavelengths produced by natural sources like solar storms or artificially by hardware such as radar or nuclear weapons. EMS impacts every domain of warfare.

On 20–22 August 2018, the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) hosted an inaugural summit in the National Capital Region (NCR). The summit was designed to aid and encourage actions to recover footing where our technological lead in EMS is being challenged. The summit was also designed to address direct EMS threats to the United States and its allies. While some issues have existed since the 1960s, the window of opportunity to mitigate some electromagnetic threats is closing. Meanwhile, many existing threats have gained prominence due to almost universal integration of silica-based technologies into all aspects of modern technology and society.

During the opening remarks of the inaugural summit, R. James Woolsey, former Director Central Intelligence, stated, “The time for research is running out; we have the data we need. IT’S TIME FOR BOLD ACTION.” In the spirit of this challenge, EDTF seeks to inspire action based upon an array of research spanning more than six decades. Such actions and exploits are needed to immediately deepen the defense and resilience of the United States and its allies.

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