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National Emergency Responder Conference

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2020 National Emergency Responder Conference
Serving those who serve…

There is a heartbreaking epidemic taking place among our community of emergency responders.  Too many men and women who are called to serve end up moving through their days in the pain of stress and trauma injury. The consequences can be devastating for our responders and the communities they serve.  The need for evidence-based skills development to meet the complex occupational stress and trauma challenges emergency responders face every day is paramount.

It’s time to fight back. It’s time to lead forward. It’s time to train knowledge and skills that provide hope for recovery, resilience and post traumatic growth.

The 2020 National Emergency Responder Conference hosted on November 18, 2021 focused on equipping emergency responders of all types with critical skills for best practices in tactical operations, including psychological first aid, stress continuum identification, individual resilience planning, mindfulness skills training, & traumatic stress management. Featuring world-class speakers, thought leaders, and skill development workshops, this year’s conference will be an impactful and life-giving event for emergency responders and their families.  Click here to learn more!

2020 NERC Featured Speakers

Laura McGladrey


Brad Pendergraft
LCSW, Brain Science Educator, Author

Jannell MacAulay
PhD, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)

Ben O’Brien

Lieutenant, Burlington FD

Dr. Stephen James
Washington State University


Jeff Tinnin
Director of Strategy & Innovation
Complete Threat Preparedness

Ben Kincaid
Founder / CEO
Complete Threat Preparedness

Adam Kinakin
Managing Director
ILET Network (ILET Summits Inc.)

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The 2020 International Law Enforcement Training Summit focuses on creating actionable and beneficial training for Law Enforcement Professionals and First Responders globally while helping provide high-level support for Mental Health and Wellness.  Click here to learn more!