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Treeline Outdoors' 4th Generation Roof-Top Tents blend cutting-edge technology with the simplicity and nostalgia of yesteryear. They are innovative, functional and durable, and serve as the perfect portable shelter solution for emergency management, search and rescue, overland exploration, weekend getaways, or any other outdoor adventure. These light and aerodynamic tents are designed in the outdoors, and their rugged and lightweight aluminum honeycomb frames make them one of the strongest and most durable tents on the market.

All Gen3 Roof-Top Tents are solar ready in collaboration with Goal Zero solar products.

US Customers Please Note:  Treeline has taken the hassle out of Customs paperwork by including the associated costs in your shipping fee. Broken down, your shipping cost includes Freight, Duties and Brokerage fees. We will ship right to your door with a flat rate based on your shipping address.

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