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Skedco LogoSkedco's rescue and training solutions help save lives.  Used by first responders and battle tested for decades by all branches of the military, Skedco products have been proven in the most extreme environments.  . Whether you are a soldier in the field, an emergency responder, or a building safety coordinator, we have a solution for your rescue needs.

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Solutions by Industry

interior_hero_fire-rescue Fire & Rescue

Search & Rescue Equipment, Portable Stretchers, and More.

A variety of patient extrication products specially designed for unpredictable, life-threatening situations.


Medical Kits, Medical Stretchers, and Accessories

Simple, quick and cost-effective solutions for whether you’re rescuing one person or facing multiple casualties.


Decontainable Emergency Gear and Accessories

Lightweight, cost-effective, and durable decontaminable products helping to prepare for unique problems posed by mass-casualty events. 


Industrial Rescue Gear and Safety Solutions

Designed for confined space, high-angle, trenches, and other highly variable challenges, these versatile products are proven in hundreds of plant sites throughout the world.


Military Medevac, Casevac Solutions, and Field Rescue Gear

Over 30 years our multiple military Skeds, portable stretchers, packs, medical kits, and more.

SKEDCO Products

SK-200C-OR-672x472Sked Rescue Stretchers

Sked rescue stretchers for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications. Provides outstanding patient protection and security.

oregon-spine-splint-ii-photo-509x472Spine Immobilizers

The long-standing choice of the U.S. Army, spinal immobilization/extrication devices meets all of the established criteria for immobilizing a seated patient.


Extremely versatile HMD Sked's are ready for HAZMAT rescues where it is difficult to maneuver because of rescuers' level "A" suits. Lightweight, decontaminable, durable, easy to use and can be dragged over virtually any terrain.

skedco-sked-evac-csr-kit-672x472Confined Space

Confined space rescue equipment for patient packaging and extrication. Ready for vertical or horizontal confined space rescues from any space.

SK-650-OR-with-Inflatable-chest-pad-300x214Water Rescue

Deep or swift water rescue equipment for packaging and extrication.  Helping to save lives in a matter of seconds.

Training Manual - Confined Space Entry and Rescue - CMCRescue Training and Education

Rescue training and education to support Skedco Rescue Gear & Systems.  Provides life-like scenarios and conditions so you are ready when it counts.

mil_SK-EMRK--672x472Personal Gear

From personal escape to personal protection,  these innovative personal rescue equipment provides safety and self-reliance in extreme situations.

civ_SK-700Evacuation Kits

A full line of CASEVAC and MEDEVAC evacuation kits that support air, ground and water-mobility operations. Designed for professional responders and military personnel. Pre-assembled and ready for use.


mil_sk-1100-cb_1480116193-672x472Packs and Bags

Innovative packs and bags for medics, soldiers and rescue specialists to transport any rescue gear.