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Active Shooter - pistol close

Action v Reaction: A Dangerous Paradigm in Safety

Whenever we as humans consider danger, there is a natural psychological tendency to imagine the worst-case scenario and then seek to envision how we might best respond should it occur. We ask ourselves, “What should we do if…?”, envisioning the event as it unfolds, and searching for the most effective potential responses to that threat.  This dynamic is evident when considering interpersonal violence, and often plays out in the world of active threat preparedness and training.

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An Educational Approach To Active Threat Prevention

Two trends are simultaneously occurring in the United States: 1) A significant portion of our youth, and therefore our adults, are experiencing markedly diminished behavioral development and impaired interpersonal communication skills, and; 2) Active threat incidents are becoming increasingly prevalent. While the two issues exist independently, the parallels in observed behavior between the two groups are both concerning and compelling, offering a glimpse into who we are, how we relate to one another, and where we may be headed.

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Electromagnetic Defense - Blackout North America

An Overview of Current Electromagnetic Defense Capability

There is also growing concern about how individuals may be physically impacted by EMS events, and even the potential development and usage of EMS-based weapons. It was long believed that GMD and other EMS phenomena or attack lacked the ability to directly harm the human body. However, recent history reveals that some effects can be extremely dangerous.

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The Past is Prologue - Old History Books

The Past Is Prologue

Terrorism is a very nuanced term – pejorative to say the least. At its root, this political violence is a tactic used to socially, politically, and psychologically fragment a targeted population.   It is a way to inflict pain on a stronger enemy, and designed to cause irrational anxiety (or fear induced panic) in the hope that this anxiety would compel the State to adjust its policy through the demands of the civilian populace.

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On Tragedy & Violence - Generic Police Line

On Tragedy & Violence

We must shift our discomfort in discussing the potential of violence, and make room within our society and ourselves for meaningful discussions about preparation – those things we can and are doing ahead of time, before an event. The discussions we have after an event hold value only in the lessons we’ve learned, and the application of that knowledge is the very definition of wisdom as related to this topic.

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Winter Car Thefts

Winter Warm Up Thefts

Winter brings cold weather, and with it the increased temptation to warm up your car before getting in.  Thieves call these running cars “steamers”, as the cold makes the exhaust easy to spot, and they are a prime target for vehicle theft.  When a vehicle is stolen in this way, the potential risks span far wider than the mere loss of transportation.

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Injuries in Mass Shootings

Injuries in Mass Shootings

A recent study on wound patterns sustained by casualties in Civilian Public Mass Shooting (CPMS) shows a significant variation from those wounds seen in combat engagements. When compared to combat-related gunshot wounds sustained by friendly forces in military and law enforcement engagements, a CPMS event results in a markedly higher incidence of thoracic and head injuries, many occurring with the shooter at closer range.

The causes of these differences are somewhat ill-defined, but may be related to several factors:

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