Services - Real World Ready

Complete Threat Preparedness provides customized solutions, blending any of the following services:



CTP's TEAM of internationally recognized subject matter experts apply decades of knowledge and experience to help you prepare for, navigate, and recover from any potential threat.

Physical Security & Safety Engineering

CTP equips you with the tools, structures, equipment, and technology to protect yourself and ensure your operational capacity before, during, and after a Threat or Emergency.

Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness

Our highly-regarded Comprehensive Active Threat, Natural Disaster, & Emergency Preparedness Service offers a "Real World" approach to Threat Management.

Active Threat Preparedness

Designed by our TEAM of Counter-Terrorism Experts, this highly-regarded service utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to Active Threat, Active Shooter, & Violence Preparedness.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Incorporating protocols from FEMA, Red Cross, DoD, DHS and others, CTP offers tailored plans and products to help you be "Real World Ready" for any disaster.


Emergency Preparedness Products

We carry only select, top-of-the-line, rock-solid gear and training products that have been TEAM tested and proven to get the job done and give you an edge when it absolutely counts.

Training & Certifications

From specialty courses to a multi-disciplinary core curriculum, CTP students develop a well-rounded body of knowledge to truly equip them for a multitude of emergency scenarios.