Active Threat Preparedness

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CTP is on a passionate and heartfelt mission to help equip organizations to effectively deal with Active Threat, Active Shooter other Violent Events.  Designed by our TEAM of Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Emergency Management, Intelligence, Military Special Operations, and Defense Experts, our highly-regarded service is a "Real World" approach that includes the following elements:

Crowd Modeling and Analysis MultilevelSITE & PROTOCOL EVALUATION

We analyze for areas of vulnerability, map probable event sequences, determine safe zones, evacuation options, defensible space and more. We also review any current written protocols, helping to protect your organization both physically and legally.


We make physical security recommendations and design response plans tailored to your site layout, resources, critical infrastructure, staff, and customers. Our personalized approach prioritizes staff safety, protection of critical business components, and recovery.



We help equip you and your personnel with "real world” skills, in order to mitigate the potential impact of violence through awareness and appropriate actions prior to, during, and after an event.

Invest In the safety of your Organization