CTP – Preparedness. Defined. – Complete Threat Preparedness

Who We Are

Complete Threat Preparedness was founded based on the belief that true preparedness – for events of any type – demanded a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that drew on best practices from a wide variety of specialties. The CTP TEAM is comprised of a blended TEAM of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, Fire and Life Safety, Intelligence Operations, Counterterrorism, Emergency Management, Psychology, Hospitality Consulting, Healthcare, Ministry, Education, and other professionals, with centuries of combined experience.  CTP TEAM members are internationally recognized subject matter experts in fields such as International / Transnational / Domestic Counterterrorism, Intelligence / Counterintelligence, Human Behavior, Active Shooter / Active Threat Preparedness and Management, Physical Security Engineering, and Emergency Management. We operate both domestically and internationally, based out of multiple locations throughout the United States.

Our Clients

Our TEAM have worked in Project Management, Research and Development, Consulting, Training, Policy, Implementation and Operational roles, with clients in the Government, Public, and Private Sectors.  Projects include Critical Infrastructure Facilities, Department of Defense Installations, Intelligence Agencies, Domestic and Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies, Healthcare Organizations, Resort Development / Hospitality Companies, Communities of Faith, Emergency Management Agencies, USSOCOM, USMC, Missile Defense Agency, NORTHCOM, Stennis Space Center, Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and others.  Our TEAM members have a long history of personally responding to various disasters, terrorist events, and active shooter / active threat events worldwide, and have been repeatedly called upon by multiple government agencies to analyze and prepare after-action reports on such events, along with providing training on associated topics both domestically and abroad.


Our Approach

Known for our holistic approach to threat management, we are passionate about applying industry-leading multidisciplinary expertise in a way that both draws upon and contributes to the innate strengths, capabilities and culture of the organizations whom we serve. Blending award-winning hospitality and human behavior expertise, we are highly adept at instituting processes and design concepts which lend to the inviting experience intrinsic to the success of any organization, while simultaneously providing real and meaningful preparedness against multiple potential disasters.  We emphasize a blended system based on effective protocols, training and physical security engineering, and are prized for our ability to equip our clients with reliable, multifaceted  solutions that are proven to help mitigate event potential, improve response capability, facilitate recovery, and ultimately keep facilities and people safe.  We are excited about applying this skillset in service of our community.