Complete Threat Preparedness is a Counterterrorism and Emergency Management Consulting Firm.  We are a TEAM of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, Fire and Life Safety, Intelligence Operations, Counterterrorism, and Emergency Management Professionals.  We operate out of multiple locations in the United States and abroad, equipping organizations of all types to be meaningfully prepared against Active Threat, Natural Disaster, and other Emergency events.



We apply some of the same protocols used by governmental agencies along with our own proprietary systems to deliver:


  • Organizational Safety Certification
  • Counterterrorism Consulting
  • Crisis & Emergency Management
  • Tactical & Emergency Response Training
  • Government Security & Intelligence Operations Training
  • Corporate Espionage Prevention
  • Hospitality & Resort Preparedness
  • Emergency Preparedness for Churches & Houses of Faith
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment & Business Continuity Planning
  • Earthquake, Fire, Flood, & Natural Disaster Preparedness
  • Employee Safety Training for Foreign, Austere, &/or Non-Permissive Environments
  • Multi-Disciplinary Emergency Management Training including: Emergency Medical, Disaster, Survival, Active Self Defense, & more


CTP Response TEAMs make up the Active Service Branch of Complete Threat Preparedness.  We participate as part of Local and Regional Emergency Management Systems, applying our specialized expertise in service of our communities.


Gifts of Preparedness
Year Around

From small gifts and outdoor products, to emergency preparedness gear, CTP has the perfect gift for anyone year around. Check out CTP Products below.

Free Shipping to ...

CTP will pay for shipping of any of our products to any continental U.S. location affected by natural disaster.  You can also add a product to one of our bulk orders headed to Emergency Management Coordinators in various areas.

Question?  Email us at info@completethreatprep.com.